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What is concrete leveling?

Concrete leveling is a process used to correct uneven surfaces in concrete, such as sidewalks, driveways, and patios. It involves lifting and leveling sunken or tilted concrete slabs to restore them to their original position.

This method is essential for preventing trip hazards, water pooling, and structural damage caused by uneven concrete surfaces.

Why is it important?

Concrete leveling is crucial in construction projects for several reasons:

  • It ensures a flat and stable surface for building structures.
  • This process helps prevent potential hazards like tripping and uneven settling.
  • Properly leveled concrete enhances the aesthetics of a project.
  • By addressing unevenness and correcting imperfections, concrete leveling promotes structural integrity and prolongs the lifespan of the construction.

Therefore, concrete leveling is an essential step in any building endeavor.

Signs You Need Concrete Lifting

If you notice uneven surfaces or sinking areas in your walkways or patio, it may be a sign that you need concrete lifting services. Here are three key signs that indicate the need for concrete lifting:

  1. Visible cracks or gaps: Cracks wider than a quarter inch can signal underlying issues.
  2. Pooling water: Puddles forming due to uneven surfaces suggest the need for leveling.
  3. Difficulty opening or closing doors: Misaligned doors can result from uneven concrete.

Common Causes of Concrete Settlement and Unevenness

Unevenness and settlement of concrete surfaces can stem from various factors that impact the stability and integrity of the structure. These include:

  1. Soil Erosion: Gradual soil movement can create empty spaces beneath the concrete, leading to settlement.
  2. Poor Drainage: Water accumulation can weaken the soil underneath, causing the concrete to sink.
  3. Tree Roots: Growing tree roots can exert pressure on the concrete, leading to unevenness.

Benefits of Concrete Leveling

Concrete leveling offers a cost-effective solution to restore the stability and safety of uneven surfaces through a process that involves lifting and aligning the existing concrete. Benefits include:

  1. Enhanced Safety: Eliminates trip hazards and reduces the risk of accidents.
  2. Improved Aesthetics: Restores the beauty of surfaces by leveling them.
  3. Long-lasting Results: Provides a durable solution that maintains the integrity of the concrete.

Different Methods of Concrete Leveling

When it comes to concrete leveling, there are several methods that professionals use to restore uneven surfaces.

Mudjacking involves pumping a mixture of water, soil, and cement under the concrete to lift it back into place.

Polyurethane foam injection is another technique where expanding foam is injected beneath the slab to raise it.

Self-leveling compounds are also commonly used to even out surfaces by filling in gaps and inconsistencies for a smooth finish.


Using a specialized technique known as mudjacking, concrete leveling experts can effectively restore surfaces to their original state.

Mudjacking involves pumping a mixture of water, soil, sand, and cement under the sunken concrete slab. This mixture fills voids beneath the slab, raising it back to the desired level.

Once the process is complete, the surface is leveled, providing a cost-effective solution for uneven concrete surfaces.

Polyurethane Foam Injection

Polyurethane foam injection offers an innovative approach to concrete leveling, providing a modern alternative to traditional methods like mudjacking.

This method involves injecting polyurethane foam into voids beneath concrete slabs, expanding and hardening to lift and level the surface.

It’s a quick, efficient, and long-lasting solution that minimizes disruption to the area being repaired, making it a popular choice for many concrete leveling projects.

Self-Leveling Compounds

Self-leveling compounds are a versatile and effective solution for concrete leveling, offering a convenient alternative to traditional methods. These compounds are self-smoothing and can be easily applied over uneven surfaces, providing a smooth and level finish.

They’re commonly used to correct minor imperfections in concrete floors, ensuring a flat and even surface for various applications. Self-leveling compounds offer a quick and efficient way to achieve a level concrete surface.

Tips for Maintaining Level Concrete Surfaces

To maintain level concrete surfaces effectively, regular inspections and timely repairs are essential. Here are three tips for maintaining level concrete surfaces:

  1. Monitor for Cracks: Regularly inspect the concrete for any signs of cracking or shifting.
  2. Address Drainage Issues: Ensure proper drainage to prevent water from pooling and eroding the concrete.
  3. Seal the Surface: Apply a concrete sealer to protect the surface from moisture and other damaging elements.

Risks of Uneven Concrete

Uneven concrete poses several risks that homeowners should be aware of. Here are three key points to consider:

  1. Tripping Hazards: Uneven concrete surfaces can create tripping hazards, especially for children and the elderly.
  2. Water Accumulation: Uneven concrete can cause water to pool in certain areas, leading to potential damage and safety issues.
  3. Structural Damage: Over time, uneven concrete can result in structural damage to buildings and other structures.

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